Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sock Hop

Last Thursday the parents' booster club threw a Sock Hop for Roots of Music students and their families. The students had a great time on the dance floor at Tipitina's, especially when the Baby Boyz Brass Band took the stage.

Did Miss Regina stop working and enjoy the music and the dancing? Nope. She was working as usual, cooking up a storm for the students like she does every day at the Roots of Music rehearsals. Shout out to Miss Regina!

Finally, we want to thank one of our many volunteers, Ronni Armstead, for helping keep Roots of Music going. Ronni was visiting this summer from Duke University and she helped Miss Regina keep the students well fed. Thanks Ready-Red!

We've been to busy to update everyone about our goings on, but more posts to come shortly...


Sally said...

HORNS FOR GUNS Press Conference
Friday, August 15, 2008 10am
Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral
2919 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans

Announcing HORNS FOR GUNS, an innovative collaboration between musicians, artists, community groups, and the Episcopal and other local churches, where folks from all over the metro area are asked to trade guns for creative community solutions to benefit programs for the city's youth that offer mentoring in the creative arts toward team building and developing the job, life and leadership skills and opportunities for our city's youth and future.

“New Orleans is the most creative city in the world - we don't need guns when we can create music and dance in the streets, when we can create Indian suits and rhythms and film and art - what do we need guns for? They're not good for anything but killing and that's NOT what New Orleans is about!! We're about creating!”
Derrick Tabb, Rebirth Brass Band

Barbara said...

I would like to know why is it just open to black students, I'm sure their were other races that were affected by Katrina. If that were a caucasian starting this band and just had white kids , Jackson and Sharpin would be all over it. I think it's a great program but why just for blacks, after all is'nt that what your President vowed to bring everyone together.

nolaprojecteam said...

to my knowledge, this program is not exclusively open to Black students; however, the founder of the camp had a specific goal which was to provide young children living in new orleans (most of whom are Black, and many of whom were already attending underfunded public schools before Katrina)with the skills and discipline to pursue serious artistic expression, and/or to make an honest living in a shrinking job market.

if a white person decided to run a program only open to white children s/he would be well within their rights to do so. i would not have any problem so long as my tax dollars weren't paying for it; just because Revs Jackson and Sharpton would be all over it does not mean that all Black people would agree with them.