Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sponsorship Program Coming Soon

Roots of Music has been growing each week - the horns have graduated from buzzing with their mouth pieces to playing scales on real instruments. A few lucky drummers have started playing actual drums, and some have been assigned to snare drum, bass drum, or cymbals.

This week we took portraits of the students - over 70 so far - and will soon add them to the Roots of Music website. We hope that supporters will choose a student to sponsor and track their progress as they develop into young men and women. You could start right now by looking at these sample pictures and sponsoring one of these students via PayPal here (indicate: "Roots of Music") or e-mailing

Akia West
School: Murra Henderson
Instrument: trumpet
Interests: jumping rope, riding bike, hip hop

Tyler Foley
School: St Peter Claver
Instrument: snare drum
Interests: jazz, blues, math class, language class

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